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Editorial, Location
Vocational training in construction. Looking back at this year it’s hard to imagine how much working life could have changed since January. As the year end’s I realise everything has changed. I usually work with people in day to day situations shooting all aspects of the educational system. It requires planning, meetings and setting up and working with people on the ground. As with this shot at TUCA, the tunelling industries train drivers course commissioned by The Construction Industry Training Board the CITB it shows an operative learning how to drive a tunnelling train. Last year an easy enough job but this year almost impossible. However getting the shot is always the job of the photographer. We managed the shoot and once lighting was set up and positions chosen I was able to carry out the commission and many more shots from the day for this Vocational training in construction.

Editorial, University
Always great to be asked to be the educational photographer at a graduation ceremony especially when you get to shoot creative editorial photography. Sadly this year the Royal Agricultural University who I work for on a regular basis have not been able to hold their graduation ceremonies, as have most   Universities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However during a normal year I will shoot for them in my editorial style creating a portfolio of work for marketing, press and web use.

Editorial, Press Photography

Every so often i come across an old shot in the archive (20+ years and still going) I came across this shot taken for The Daily Telegraph Education pages over 15 years ago. I love the little boy on the rights expression as he try’s to see the answers over  the shoulder of his friend.

You can also see the vast difference in quality compared to todays digital images, this was shot on colour negative film, push processed +2 stops and developed in the weeks old “soup” at the paper, what we would now call “creative grain”.