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If you have any questions just let me know or if you see styles or content in the photography that interests you then send me a message.

We can discuss your specific requirements.


Tell me what you your needs are I will help put together a photography package with you

I am Stephen Shepherd, professional educational photographer send me an email or call me on 07798 836147

    What I can do for you

    Creative Photography 

    • Reportage photography

    • Location photography

    • Portraiture

    • Creative photography for web

    • Iconic images for prospectus

    • Helping you stand out from the crowd

    £ 150
    Per hour 1.5 hours

    Enough time to shoot a single event or a specific requirement. Based on reportage style photography suitable for one off's, special events, presentations etc. Deliverable the same day.

    £ 300
    Up to 4 hours on site

    A longer session with the time to shoot 3 or 4 scenarios. Tailored photography that might include graduations, reportage style classroom and lecture photography as well as some portraits.

    How it works


    • Free roaming observational photography

    • Capturing real moments

    • Making the most of your assets

    • Highlighting specialisms

    • Natural day to day life

    • Building a portfolio

    £ 550
    Up to 7 hours on site

    With a full day on site I can build a creative portfolio of images for use on the web in your prospectus and for all your marketing collateral needs. Set up a series of scenarios throughout the day from lectures to practicals, sport to location shots.

    £ 650
    Extended day

    A full day on site plus an extension at the end of the day. This will allow me to cover after school clubs, additional staff photography, portraits etc. or if you have a location based shoot e.g trips, work experience etc.

    Stephen Shepherd
    Educational Photographer